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After being “homeless” for almost an entire year and traveling internationally for the majority of that time, we are grateful for our experiences as we settle back into Colorado, remembering the remarkable moments from the last year. We feel fortunate to have so many supportive friends who have shown interest in our global journey.  Many have expressed to us that they, too, hope to live out a dream similar to our adventure in future years.  Others friends have laughed with us wondering if we had gone a bit crazy in deciding to take on international travel with youngsters. Some told [...] Read more »

Love Lessons: Staying Connected During Travel and Life

Keeping the thrill alive in Samui!

Too often I hear about a stay at home mom frustrated that her partner is working too many hours, travels too much for work, or is not available or engaged for family time. They may even remark that he’s fortunate to be able to “escape” to work when temper tantrums and dirty diapers seem to be never-ending. On the flip side, however, a working dad may feel pain every time he misses a soccer game. He might wish he could spend more time goofing off in the pool with his kids. Or he might wish he was the one who [...] Read more »

A Day in the Life: Samui Edition

A great evening to cap off a challenging day.

We’ve spent the last few days settling into our new digs in Koh Samui after a couple of weeks on the road. We’re traveling pretty slowly, so we’ve tended to stop in locations for anywhere from two to six weeks with a few days of moving around in between. Those periods of traveling from one spot to the next don’t really come with any routine, as most travel goes, however, once we’re settled into a place we typically find a rhythm to our days and weeks. Well, we typically settle into a routine. But let’s take a look at a [...] Read more »

Suckered in Saigon: Our 6 Day Recap

Ho Chi Minh Memorial

“I’m certain you have one of these in your bag.” I look at the Vietnamese customs agent’s hand and my face turns white. A bullet? I think he just told me I have a bullet in my bag. I muster a nervous chuckle and search for a respectful, yet confident, tone of voice. “Um, sir, there are no bullets in my laptop bag.” “Yes, I’m certain you have one.” As he says this, I watch his hand cup the brass cylinder and slide down into the side pocket of the bag. At first I assume he’s trying to rattle me [...] Read more »

How to Learn a New Language As Easily as a Child

How to Learn a New Language as Easily as a Child

This article is a guest post from traveling parent and author, Karen Banes. For many parents an advantage of the globe-trotting lifestyle is the opportunity for the whole family to learn foreign languages. We hope that exposing our children to languages from an early age will help them grow up multi-lingual. While we shouldn’t expect too much from our kids, especially if we’re only spending a few months at a time in a foreign country, it’s certainly possible they’ll pick up the local language more easily than their monolingual parents. Kids who hear two languages from birth usually become bilingual [...] Read more »

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